Pioneer School is an exciting new project we are running for pioneers in the Diocese of London in collaboration with CMS. This is the first time the Diocese of London has offered training for lay pioneers. Read more

Pioneer School Modules

Module 1
Introduction to Pioneer Mission
Module 2
Theological Reflection
Module 3
Mission Spirituality
Module 4
Missional Leadership
Module 5
Missional Entrepreneurship
Module 6
Missional Ecclesiology


Pioneer School is aimed at lay people in London who are currently involved in pioneer ministry or feel they identify as pioneers in the London Diocese. It will offer pioneers the chance to understand their calling, and gain the skills, knowledge and understanding to launch and lead pioneer expressions of church (such as missional communities), or community projects (including entrepreneurship) in the Diocese.

Pioneers School Dates

(2020 dates coming soon!)

January 19th-20th
March 9th-10th
May 11th-12th
July 6th-7th
September 21st-22nd
November 16th-17th

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