Grow Course

Discover how your church can grow in depth and breadth.

Church leadership teams meet as a community to




What you will do

Growth is a gradual process, like a journey, and will often involve transformation in the way things are done or in culture. We encourage church leaders to bring along to the course a team of three to five people who will work with them on this journey of growth and be willing to give support and practical help where action and transformation is needed.


Through a structured framework with other churches facing similar contexts and challenges.


Realistic and measurable strategies that will equip the church for the next stage of its ministry.


A clear action plan after each session of what you need to achieve over the next few months.

The Course

Delivered by a dynamic team of trained facilitators, who have been recruited from a variety of backgrounds including some ordained church leaders, and those with experience in the commercial and charitable sector.

Interactive Sessions

Sessions are interactive and offer a variety of training methods including learning exercises, discussions, group work and presentations by experts over Skype, on video, or in person. Ample time is allowed for churches to feedback, to sharing experience as well as opportunities to visit growing churches in different places and contexts.


Coaching is a key part of the Grow Course. Church leaders are linked with one of our church growth leadership coaching team, who will support them and over practical guidance throughout the course. This starts with a pre-course coaching session for the team leader and continues between each training session.


Church teams commit to meet for a day's training session four times over a 12-15 months period.


The Grow Course runs on Wednesdays from 9am-5pm.


We ask for a contribution of £100 – £400 per two-day session per church (dependent on church size).

Grow Course Road-map

The course follows a ‘road-map’ which marks key points on a church’s journey to growth.

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

We’d love to welcome you to the Grow Course or chat to you more about what’s involved